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Eco-friendly hotel in Venice

HOME Hotel Eco-friendly hotel in Venice

Cutting down the plastic consumption

At Palazzo Veneziano we are very sensitive to issues related to the environment and the responsible use of energy resources.  For this reason we have chosen to adopt an ecofriendly philosophy.

Since a long time we carefully recycle waste and work hard on cutting down the plastic consumption.
In our elegant rooms and suites, our Guests will find ceramic cups with wooden spoons in their coffee stations, bamboo toothbrushes and 100% vegetable and cruelty-free soaps as well as rechargable batteries.

Furthermore we only use environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products with low environmental impact. In the minibar only glass bottles are offered. For shopping in the city, the Hotel proposes elegant cotton shopping bags to limit the use of plastic bags and which are at the same time a nice souvenir to take back home. In our bar, “Il Porto”, our guests will find our 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly, rice straws.

Attention to the environment is a great priority for us at Palazzo Veneziano, which we like to share also with our staff.  Our team is provided with reusable, personalized water bottles over single-use water bottles, to protect our world’s water.  The water in Venice is indeed drinkable and also very good!

Our Guests can refill their reusable bottles with good and fresh tap water from their rooms.

One bottle, lots of refills of fresh and good water!  Discover where are located the drinkable water fountains in the historical center of Venice!