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Stay Safe with us

HOME Stay Safe with us



  1. All employees respect the minimum distance protocol staying 1 meter from each other.
  2. All employees from the breakfast and cleaning department wear a mask.  We wash our hands often and use sanitizer.
  3. All common areas are sanitzed at least once a day and aired periodically.



  1. The whole staff is trained to take care of the safety of our Guests.
  2. Stay Safe ambassador.  An ambassador is appointed in the hotel to guarantee the implementation of our “Stay Safe with us” programme.
  3. Dispensers.  Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers for hand cleaning placed in common  areas.   
  4. Protective screens.  Installation of protective plexiglass screens in reception .
  5. Cleaning on request.  Guests can decide whether they want to use the cleaning service during their stay. Cleaning will always be done when the Guest is out of the room.  Besides the ordinary cleaning we add the sanitization with sodium hypoclorite or ethyl alcohol of the the objects inside the room (telephone, remote control, handles, switches and  taps).  The rooms are aired every day.
  6. The minibar and every item contained are sanitized at each arrival.
  7. Laundry procedures.  A protocol has been defined for laundries for washing and collecting linen during the stay and after the Guest’s departure.



  1. Online check in available through our dedicated tool or onsite just with the head of family.  Before Guests arrive, they will be contacted and told about all the measures being taken and what their stay will be like.
  2. All keys (door cards) are sanitized for each check in.
  3. Digital conciergerie through WhatsApp or via email.
  4. We offer to sanitize the outside of your luggage before having it delivered to your room.



  1. All tablecloths, plates, glasses and cutlery are sanitized with each use.