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Find out what to do in Venice even before getting there. Whether you are visiting the city with your family, looking for an escapade from everyday life or discovering an unusual Venice, there are several options to make your stay unforgettable.

For more information or to book these activities, contact us by writing to

rowing Venetian style

you push and stay!
the million - Venetian notebook
marco paolini

premer and stair are the two movements that the rowers perform with a single oar to move forward in a straight line on their boats, it is a unique style in the world!
In this mini rowing course, on a typical Venetian wooden boat, you will learn the rudiments of art led by a female competitor of the historical regatta.
On Sundays or in the evening it is possible to take the course on the Grand Canal!

murano glassworks

In 1261, due to the increasing number of fires, the Republic of Venice decided to concentrate all glass production in one point only. It was thus moved to the island of Murano, decreeing its future success. During your visit to the glass factory you will see the glass processing of a master blower, which will show you the steps in creating an art object and visit the show room.

Glass blowing

It takes years of practice and hard work to become a “sofiador” master, but for our guests it will be possible to try the experience, to approach the furnace, shape the molten glass and blow in the barrels of the masters to create a personalized glass. A unique experience and a unique glass.

An aperitif on the Grand Canal

Palazzo Civran Grimani is still the family residence, built in the eighteenth century, it overlooks the bend of the Grand Canal at the height of San Tomà, near the Rio di Ca 'Foscari.
You will visit the noble residence, hosted by the hostess, with an aperitif in the noble living room overlooking the Grand Canal.

tour of the Grand Canal

The grand canal is the main artery of the amphibious city, 3800 meters long, it crosses the city composing two loops up to the San Marco basin.
We offer you a taxi ride along the entire canal with a private guide who will show you the history of the buildings and bridges that made it unique.

massages in the room

relax after a day of walking through the streets it is easier if someone massages our body a traditional or aromatherapy massage lasting about an hour in your room, it is an excellent solution.
Other beauty treatments are also available

gondola or sandolo and serenade

marieta, monta in gondola
che mi te porto al lido

Venetian folk song

Oar holder, iron, oar: a gondolier in the stern and musicians who follow you closely to discover hidden canals and glimpses of water together with a serenade

personal guide

Venice is beautiful to visit even alone, but for those who want to know more, it will be possible to be guided to the historical discovery of the city, we offer a guide for museums, churches, streets and the typical and interesting places on the island.

trip to the north lagoon

In the Venetian lagoon there are 62 islands. you will not be able to visit them all, but some of them. a guide will take you with a water taxi between the sandbanks, far from the noble palaces, immersed in the complex ecosystem of islands, abandoned buildings, forts and plantations.

the secret gardens of venice

Hidden by high walls, the city contains several private gardens which remain hidden from the public, but for some of them we have the keys! One of our guides can accompany you on your discovery of the Venetian greenery, which remains unknown to most.

sailing boat

It is not true that in Venice you go rowing or by motor boat only! Sailing is an ancient tradition that has always been present. Spend a day in the sun on a sailing boat to live this experience.


Do you want to drive a boat yourself? it can be done!
We have typical wooden boats with electric engines, easy to maneuver and to get around the lagoon like real Venetians!

the mainland

Veneto is a land rich in art, enchanting places and food and wine delicacies: Giotto in Padua, the arena in Verona, taverns in Treviso, the Prosecco or Valpolicella hills, Cortina and the Dolomites.
These are just a few places that you can visit with us.

carnevale do it yourself

Building a mask is a small artisan work that you can learn to do, guided by a master you will decorate a Venetian mask with your hands, which will be filled with colors and glues.

typical Venetian cuisine

Everyone loves to eat cicchetti and saor sardines, but would you like to know how to prepare them? we can show you how to do it!
An expert in typical lagoon cuisine will teach you about it, explaining the history of food and the recipes that end up on our plates.

perfume course

The art of creating perfumes has a historical heritage very ancient in Venice, the masters compose perfumes for over a thousand years. And if it was possible to create a personal one? it's possible! a teacher will accompany you towards the composition of a unique perfume in the world: yours!

architecture and design tour

Thematic experiential tours, dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and design, will give you an authentic vision of the city, made up of small businesses and local arts. The tour leaders will cross the city with you in 4 hours, selecting the most important artistic research spaces, designer workshops and unexpected architectural restoration interventions. An expert will be available to introduce you to this world answering curiosities and questions. The route will end with a culinary stop in one of the places selected for originality and quality with a gourmet aperitif

personal shopper

Venice is commerce! There are hidden shops and designs for all tastes! be guided by a personal advisor who will guide you and take you to the right stores according to your personal taste.

private photographer

When the selfie is not enough to immortalize your Venetian holiday, then you can be followed by a professional photographer that will portray you around the city or in romantic places, following your tastes and the experiences you want fix on the film.